Yapı Kredi's Material Topics

Yapı Kredi’s material issues make the foundation of its business model and value creation concept, and provide guidance in setting the Bank’s corporate strategy. When determining the material issues that are regularly reviewed; stakeholder analysis, external trends, executive inputs, and risks and opportunities are considered.

Material issues for stakeholders are identified based on:

  • Inputs and expectations of priority individuals and institutions within all stakeholder groups sought through stakeholder analysis;
  • Global and sectoral trends, and the priorities of international organizations and global sustainability indices determined through external trend analysis.

Material issues for Yapı Kredi are identified based on:

  • Inputs and expectations of senior management;
  • The Bank’s strategic plan;
  • Financial, regulatory, innovative and competitive risks and opportunities assessed through a four stage impact analysis.

In 2020 the Bank has updated its material issues that were identified in 2017. When updating, the Bank took into consideration the outcomes of its materiality analysis performed specifically in relation to the Bank’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) rating, strategy decisions of senior management and current mega trends impacting the banking sector. Upon an assessment of external trends, risks and opportunities entailed in each issue and the material issues of other banks in the sector were included in the analysis.

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