Vision, Mission, Strategy and Values


To be the undisputed leader in the finance sector.


To ensure long-term sustainable growth and value creation for all stakeholders, and become the first choice of customers and employees.


A customer centric commercial bank driven by cutting edge technology and committed workforce, delivering responsible growth.

Best-in-class profitability, backed by a strong balance sheet, resulting in enhanced and sustainable shareholder returns.


Being a pioneer

We value innovative ideas; we create a working environment where extraordinary and creative ideas can be expressed freely. We are the leader of change and innovation. We lead the sector as the trendsetters and decision makers.


We work while aiming at leadership in all fields of our business. Foreseeing both the present and the future we always work for the best, challenge our goals with high energy and enthusiasm.

Goal Orientation

We put high goals in all aspects, work with all our strength without losing our focus in order to accomplish them.


We make the fast and right decisions against market changes, respond to our customers’ needs at the same speed and flexibility. Without compromising on quality we manage change both outside and inside it in the most effective way.


Our ability to create innovation, it is the most important part of our competitive strength. We believe in continuous improvement. We implement new ideas use our resources efficiently, constantly revive and develop ourselves, our business, our business processes.


We believe not in limitless work, but in working to overcome the boundaries. What we chresih is the added value we have created for our customers. Technologies, operating systems and processes that will increase our productivity are what matters to us.

Customer Focus

Our customers is at the heart of our unique service perception. We focus on win-win relationships, mutual development and value creation with our “Dedicated to Deliver” philosophy since the day of our foundation.

Being One, Together, We are One

As Yapı Kredi Family, we work as a team, as one body. Team spirit and common mind are among our strongest properties. Communication, collaboration and solidarity keep supporting this understanding.


In uncertain and turbulent times, we focus on continuity and uninterrupted service, remain always prepared for the most difficult situations and strong even in the face of circumstances.


We work to create long-term value to all our stakeholders. Seeing social development as the primary goal we continue our understanding of sustainability-oriented service.

We focus on long-term effects of our decisions, harmonize sustainability in all processes of our business while adopting in all economic, social and environmental aspects.

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