Business Model

Yapı Kredi’s service model consists of the following segments:

  • Individual Banking
  • Commercial and SME Banking
  • Corporate Banking

Individual banking is composed of four sub-segments:

  • Individual
  • Individual Portfolio
  • Blue Class
  • Private Banking

SME banking consists of three sub-segments:

  • Business Banking
  • SME
  • ME

According to Yapı Kredi’s organisational structure, Yapı Kredi Leasing, Yapı Kredi Factoring as well as Yapı Kredi Bank Nederland and Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan are under the coordination of corporate and commercial banking. Yapı Kredi Asset Management is under the coordination of private banking and wealth management, and Yapı Kredi Invest and Yapı Kredi B Type Investment Trust are under the coordination of Treasury. Other subsidiaries include Banque de Commerce et de Placements as well as Yapı Kredi Cultural Activities, Arts and Publishing.

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