Energy Efficiency

Within the scope of its strategy to combat the climate crisis, Yapı Kredi considers energy efficiency issues in two separate dimensions in connection with its lending activities and operational activities.

In its operational activities, Yapı Kredi carries out studies to reduce its emissions through its investments in renewable electricity supply and energy efficiency. In this context, the Bank sets annual, five-year, and ten-year targets and develops various projects to achieve them. In line with these targets, in the upcoming years the Bank plans to expand and continue its projects in the fields of transitioning to energy-efficient lighting systems, using energy-efficient electrical and electronic devices, implementing measures to mitigate emissions, and obtaining energy from renewable resources.

In its lending activities, Yapı Kredi endeavors to increase support for its investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and also aims to mitigate emissions from its lending activities by reducing its credit risk in carbon-intense sectors.

Effectively managing the risks resulting from climate change and using emerging opportunities are very important for the banking sector. Turkey has great renewable energy potential, and Yapı Kredi sees this as a significant opportunity for reducing dependence on foreign energy. The Bank aims to support renewable energy and energy-efficiency investments to drive Turkey's transition to a low-carbon economy, contribute to Turkey’s development by promoting long-term partnerships with its customers, and become the leading bank on the market by increasing its market share in this field. In addition to its strong equities, Yapı Kredi contributes to financing renewable energy projects through the resources obtained from international financial institutions such as the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and the French Development Agency (AFD).

Yapı Kredi aims to provide suitable interest rates and down-payment conditions depending on the energy class by focusing on the Energy Performance Certificate in order to increase the number of high-efficiency residences in Turkey. In this context, Yapı Kredi has taken part in the Turkish Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility (TuREEFF) since 2018.


You can find more information about Sustainability at Yapı Kredi here.

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