[Sustainability Linked] Yapı Kredi Will Ship Solar Energy to All Over Turkey

Yapı Kredi, has initiated new support to promote green energy in Turkey. Yapı Kredi Leasing (a subsidiary of Yapı Kredi) and Arçelik collaborated to let everyone have an environmentally friendly rooftop solar energy system.

Within the framework of the cooperation, rooftop solar energy systems can be purchased with a credit card in installments of up to 18 months with Yapı Kredi Leasing. With the financing model created, it is possible to reach green energy easily with the installment options, without the need for any procedure in all kinds of structures such as houses, summer houses, offices, workplaces, and gas stations.

As the very first example of this green collaboration, Yapı Kredi Bodrum Branch has been transformed into a ‘Sustainable Branch’. Solar panels have been installed on the roof to meet the electricity of the branch from solar energy.

Also, an electric vehicle charging station has been positioned in the branch parking area. The electric vehicle, which will meet the needs of the branch, is planned to be charged with renewable energy produced.

Within the targets of sustainable operations of Yapı Kredi, this practice is to be extended to other suitable Yapı Kredi branches in the coming period.

Istanbul, 22 October 2021

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